This new “playground” for marketing and market research can be deployed by working on 3 specific potential aspects of immersive rooms: 

   Better observation of reality: to have the subject live/relive a moment as it is usually experienced 

  – Standardization: to provide more reliable data 

  – Modulating reality: Modulating the senses and measuring the impact of such variations, varying dimensions of space and time (a succession of different places and moments, re-enacting 1 day in 5 minutes, creating a stress effect, etc.)

alcohol-free beer

study testing alcohol-free beer in two immersive environments (beach and nightclub) allowed the confirmation of the effectiveness of product-context associations and validation of the power of immersion. 

It confirmed the suppression of the impact of time and appreciation of the product from testing in a sensory lab.

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image of sensory booth the lab in the bag

Dairy dessert

study testing dairy dessert in a regular lab and in two immersive environments (cozy and lunch-break) allowed the confirmation of the effectiveness of product-context associations and validation of the power of immersion. 

The dairy dessert was noted the same way in the sensory lab and in the cozy environment but it was noted poorly in the lunch-break environment.

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