Why the lab in the bag and the room for the senses

Francois ABIVEN, CEO of REPERES, a French market research company, saw a growing need in his customer database.

Innovators, marketers, and sensory specialists needed to test their products but didn’t have an easy way to have labs on demand and flexible. The lab in the bag concept was created in 2014 and the first transportable sensory booths were invented.

That’s how THE LAB IN THE BAG was created. 

In 2017, Francois asked Jacques-Henry Pinhas, who had led several successful companies before, to become the new created company The Lab in the Bag CEO to help grow the business and work on a new innovative project : The Room for the Senses.

The sensory world needs to do testing in a neutral environment, but they also need to do their testing in near real-life environments to see the impact of the context on their testing. 

After 2 years of R&D, the first Immersive Multi-Sensory Room was launched on the market.

Name a place The Room for the Senses takes you there : a cozy home, a beach, a night club, a juice bar at the gym, a forest, the top of a mountain… 

The room for the senses brings the full context with all the effects that are available to you: video, sound, smell, heat, wind, breeze, mist, rain, and interactive connected objects.

What was initially created for the market research and sensory world has now become broader with more and more demands coming from more departments and organizations. 

On top of food, beverages, cosmetics, perfume, candles, and cannabis companies, The Lab in the Bag is now getting inquiries from departments of innovation, HR departments, museums, hospitals, spas,… to get a chance to utilize this new technology to immerse their sensory experts, employees, customers, potential clients, patients, visitors….


Jacques-Henry PINHAS

CEO and Co-Founder at The Lab in the Bag 👨‍💻

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Head of Audiovisual Department 👨‍💻


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Florian JARROT

Design project manager 👨‍💻


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Head of Growth 👩‍💻

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