Use the multi-sensory immersive space for health and relaxation

some health uses ideas

The immersive and multi-sensory space helps rehabilitation run smoothly (eyes, legs…)

It is also beneficial for children, retirement homes or dementia to stimulate the senses


relaxation for anyone anywhere

Multi-sensory immersive spaces can be incorporated anywhere for anyone to relax :

  • Airports, Railway stations
  • Workplace
  • Spa, Hotels 

Examples of use cases

why is it special ?

  • Rehabilitation, retirement homes or dementia… lack innovation and usually have bland treatments : add senses to bring patients happiness 🙂
  • Relaxation with stimulation of senses is known to reduce the levels of stress significantly!
  • You can travel to any place without having to move : an easy way to escape from daily life

All senses

Une palette de paysages exotiques, beaux et variés 

Des sons au plus proche de la réalité


Une palette variée d'odeurs pour s'immerger pleinement 



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